Thursday, April 23, 2009

a new phase of life

i miss her. thats make me hate her. just realize a new phase of life will make she lefted me out. its hurt. she wasnt best buddies. but 4 years with her make me care about her, as much as i care about my other best buddies. hapy to see her happy. finally she make her love real. thats my pray. so, its ok. its ok if she dismiss me for her love. may Allah bless her. forever.
one friend asked me, why i've being so harshed with her lately? i said, i cant to see her face. sorry. thats not true. i'm scared sometimes. i'll lost her. soon. no. already. already lost her. all the best for her.
good for her. now she is a good daughter to her mom. thanx Allah for make our pray become real.


maiza mza said...

the fact that we must face it. I oso pray for her future..and ur turn is almost there.
:-) perhaps I'm losing u soon.

hanys said...

erm.. no la. it takes maybe about 2 years for me to get married. maybe longer.. hehehe.. no. i'll keep u as my best buddies