Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recall; a week before the wedding

The wedding must be the unforgetful moment in my life.
But a week before the wedding, before become someone's wife, i fulfill my encore dream this year; SNSD @ GIRLS GENERATION.
Im one of the hardcore fan, which called ourself as SONES. Tapi tahu last minute and the f1 concert ticket definetly sold out. So just grab the free zone one.

23march 2012; outside klcc at 6 pm.

big screen at the lake side. Indirectly with snsd. Tak kesahla. Asalkan dapat live.

picture dari sesape yg duk depan.
Memang nak runtuh jugak klcc tu dengan gemuruh dar sones.
I was with my sis ain ema n wani. N also my korean chinggu, young jin.
Its was awesome. We dance n sang togather. Dont care what others say. Huhu.
I just enjoy my day with SNSD and a week as single. I even cry see all of them, exclude yuri who cant present.
*malaysia, put it back on*
Oh, want it again!
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