Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Testing via Xperia ZL

My first post via XPERIA ZL. Why xperia zl? I do love samsung. Infact im using samsung galaxy s. Have u heard about it?it lauched on 2010. Im using it since jan 2011. Untill now. From normal proccessor until recently with quad pro. The galaxy s was such a great companion.
But it gets slower day by day. I cant browse happily. It hang whenevr i tried to run many apps.
Two years and half.
Then i met this sony xperia zl. It has great sound system. Arh memory dulu2 pakai sony ericcson.
So i choose this zl. The price almost same. I bought it at jualan gudang shah alam. Rm1699 can get galaxy note 2. But with rm1899 i get this zl + xperia e. And power bank. And casing canggih for both.
Fikir2. Too many used galaxy note 2. So let them be. I wanna be different.
Hasilnya? Ppl keep staring and wonder what model it is. Hihi.
P/s:  dulu semua syok kat iphone. Kata samsung barang korea barang cheap. Skarang semua dah tangkap syok eh.

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cha said...

i dgn suami masih setia dengan barang2 apple huhu