Monday, October 21, 2013

Missed Abortion

Scary tak.. Huhu.

I missed my period about two months and two upt -ve. Its either too early and too late. Huh.
Then, i got this heavy cramp whole night. I cant even lay down properly. All i want is to bend mu body.
It hurts badly. But i endure it.
Next morning, when i was in the toilet, i felt something jusy flushed away from inside. And the pain, just gone.
I look at it. It was a 'segumpal darah sebesar empat jari'. Big or small?
I wonder, what is that? My period? For real? That big?
Or did i just flushed out the fetus?
Gosh. I go to office, normally. But.with stomach pain.
After few advice, i go to klinik. Seriously, i dont like to see male doc. But, no choice.
So, he afraid that i was missed abortion. Misscarriege before i can realized that im pregnant.
He refered me to the specialist. The specialist's story? Nanti eh sambung.

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